Deadline for submission of Films and all Materials is on the 30.04.2019.

Each Participant can submit one or several Films.

Theme is “A Piece of Luck.”

Lengths can be chosen freely.


The following formats are permitted for Submission: mp4 to DVD or web link to download (e.g Vimeo, dropbox).

Participation is open to Documentaries, feature Films, Documentaries, Animated Films and VideoArt.


If the Original language of the Film is not English, the Film(s) must have subtitles in this language.


The Films should together with the Application Form and required accompanying Materials such as

– Text to Content (max 100 words.)

– the creation of the Film and scenes Photos,

– Biography and Photograph of the Director (max. 100 words)

– Filmography of the Director

– Biography and Photo of the “Director of Photography”

(Max. 100 words)

– Filmography of the “Director of Photography”

– Biography and Photos of the Actor/Actress (female / male) (max. 100 words)

– Filmography of the Actor/Actress (female / male)

– Photos of Stage and Backstage of Films

– Information about the Team

be sent per Post on and before June 15, 2018 to the Festival Office in Ladenburg, or sent as a link.

The Registration Form can be found under

Please send per E-mail or Post to

WALA Internationa Film Festival

Main street 7 – 9

D-68526 Ladenburg

For questions, please contact the Festival Office

By E-mail or Call +49 (0) 620370264 .

By registering, the Filmmaker explains that he fully owns all rights to the Picture and Sound of the Film.

The Festival accepts no liability if it does not.

By registering and signing the Regulations of the Festival, Nomination is been recognized.

All Films will be seen in a pre-selection by the selection Team and Experts from the fields of Film and Television and compiled for the Programs of the Festival.

The Selection does not focus on technical perfection but on the originality and autonomy of the Idea and Cinematic realization of the Theme.

Jury and Awards

The Films are viewed by each an Independent Festival Jury.

Additionally, there is an Audience Award.

The Prize aims to reward movies that are imaginative, unusual, provocative and idiosyncratic and serve the purpose of illustrating the Lives of People.

The Decisions of the Selection and the Festival Jury are final and are communicated to all Participants by E-mail, if they are not present in Person.

Shipping and Return Shipping:

The cost of shipping of all Films and preview Materials to Ladenburg are the Responsibility of the Sender.

All submissions from Countries outside the EU must be clearly marked with a Customs declaration “Temporary use. Only for Cultural purposes has to be provided “No Commercial Value.

There is no return shipping.

Overnight service for Festival-Visitors:

An overnight stay service for Festival Visitors will be arranged in an overnight Accommodation

The Cost will be paid by each Participant. There is no right to a particular Accommodation category or class.