The Festival


Author: Mohammad Hassan Nazeri
Founder and director of WALA International Film Festival


From the beginning of our stay in Ladenburg in 2013 until the finalization of our new housing,180 Refugees from different Nationalities were meant to use for six months the old Martin school as Refugee Homes.
This six-months of our Lives were the times when the Citizens of Ladenburg, characterized immense commitment, and at the end of this short six-months period,
I felt a deep and strong heart-warming affection for Ladenburg, that this city has become my new Home in my Homelessness.
At the end of these six months, all the Refugees were moved to another City, but my collaboration with Ladenburg and it’s Citzens was even greater than before.
Therefore, the feeling came to me that I, too, should be responsible for the welfare of the City and so I want to give something back.

The WaLa International Film Festival, I have therefore designed with great dedication for my new Home. This Festival in Ladenburg should be a valuable and rewarding service to my new Home, a big step in the Evolution of Culture and Art. Each developed Civilization has therefore more strong interest to continue developing.
For this reason, the Mayor Mr. Schmutz, with a large open heart during our first meeting with Sabine Weil and He granted me the permission and also gave me his support and advice to this Festival.


WaLa means the Highest and Best.
In a figurative sense, it stands for the Dignity and the highest position of the People. This position is lost in most Civilizations.
The WALA International Film Festival try to show the actual picture of the truth and to explain how this situation came about and why it still exists.
Because we are looking earnestly into the causes, WaLa International Film Festival presents for each year a specific topic in the spotlight. In the first year is the “Security in Afghanistan.”
“Security in Afghanistan” has not only brought nightmare in our Lives in the country, but to all political and social strategies around the world are characterized to fall under this Pressure. In the coming years, the focus of the Festival will be on the Situation of Women, Children and other Humanitarian issues.
It shows in the Picture the bad Situation of Afghanistan, but it will not stop there. The festival can be a great opportunity to significantly lighten the Situation. At the moment it is not only bad there, but also a great Human tragedy. Only by
knowing about everything, the Situation can seriously improve.
The WaLa International Film Festival is held July every year in Ladenburg.
Filmmakers from all over the world are requested to do so.

The Format

The Formats of the Films to be submitted are completely free. The Focus of the Festival is not only on technical Issues, but should also have primary Improvement goal in Humanitarian situation of the world and it’s content-oriented accordingly. Therefore are all formats Authorized or approved such as short films, half-length and long films, versions of Documentaries, feature films, Documentaries, Animation and video Art. In the coming years, other criteria such as the technology will also play a role.


The WaLa International Film Festival is from a private Initiative in cooperation created with the working group for Refugees. The festival will provide financial and technical need support to maintain independence, to secure its goals and to keep it alive.

ramework program

Besides the main Festival events, this Department is always looking for
innovative ideas and additional programs to enrich the Festival.
Plans such as:
At least one University scholarship will be provided for students in different study sections.
– Support for a submitted script to production.
The WaLa International Film Festival Ladenburg shows with the approval of Owners of these films in other European countries.

Introduction and sale of Films to Television Companies around the World, with the consent of the Film Owners
– Art Exhibitions such as Drawings, Photographs, Cartoons, Book Exhibitions.