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High angel
Eye angel
Low angel
and Afghanistan angel

On the second and third days of the festival, the venerable Sediq Barmak will hold a two-day seminar titled “High angel, Eye angel, Low angel and Afghanistan angel “.

Sadiq Barmak was born on 7 September 1962 in the province of Panjshir-Afghanistan. He took his first steps into the world of cinema in the Ariana film production, at the same time he was still a yang student at the Naderiye High School.

In 1987 he successfully completed his studies at the Moscow Film Academy. He works several short films, feature films and three documentaries, howsoever it was the political and social of Afghanistan many difficult.

“Osama” (2003), the first feature film by Sadiq Barmak, and his second feature film “Opium War” (2008), won many prizes for Afghan cinema at prestigious international film festivals.

He produced eight short and feature films as well as TV series.

He founded the Union of Filmmakers of Afghanistan.

He published “Ci-Nema” the first film magazine in the country.

He worked in education and developed training programs for young filmmakers at the University of Kabul.

He was a jury member at international film festivals.

He has been living in France for three years and will be making a film in Georgia soon.

Cartoon exhibition
During the “WaLa International Film Festival” the Cartoon exhibition from Nader Jalali will be held.
Nader Jalali is born in 1977 in Bamiyan.
He fled  in 1984 to Iran.
Nader learned the drawings in the School in Iran.
In drawing and design contests and competitions, he often won positions in Iran.

In 1999 he started studying at the “Baghe Ferdowsi” for two years in film making. He was trained in the same year in graphics. In 2003, he returned to Afghanistan, working in private Enterprise and private Television Companies such as Edith, two-dimensional animation and graphics. 
Nader Jalali began the career cartoon in Afghanistan in 2005 and also began to work as a character desigin some Companies and Televisions.