The History of the Formation of WaLa Rug Awards

During one the largest Humanitarian crises and tragedies, of course, no man is aware and voluntarily chosen, especially when the tragedy at all levels of their own growth and life remains, but forced to live in the midst of crises, disasters and so many bitter and unwanted tragedies, people can also be successful. It never is in a peaceful society possible to reach such a blessing of a strove success, branded by this narrow flow of life. In peaceful Societies all relevant aspects of action above with all small and large actions are weighed. But because of the intensity, number of disasters and tragedies of Societies in crisis situations which are sometimes traded illogical. Whether a measure should first be taken or not, what makes sense only becomes apparent at the end. Rather, intensity and speed of reaction of gravity, speed and strength must correspond to the tragic disasters and sometimes even faster.

In these Societies there are no positive opportunities for people in general, they are trapped in this situation. It is an unwritten law, that man learns very early in such Environment. Therefore, any possibility of improvement, be it ever so small, are taken advantage of and expand to new Opportunities.

So that was how WaLa Rug as International Price for the winner of the WaLa Film Festival was born. When the Festival was established, as was attempted like the crisis Societies with more opportunities and offer other positions in troubled Societies. Street children are one of the tragedies in the entire human society. The Situation of children and young people is like a deadly poison that makes the lives of all people in the World bitter. For this reason to support the street children and women was the team of non-profitable Association “WaLa Friendship eV” through the “WaLa Festival Award” was approved. Thus, each winner will receive a precious picture printed Rug. With Mr. Amin Nadem I got more connected. I knew him for many years. Only him had founded the “Amine Nadem Educational and Cultural Foundation” and has always try to offer Rug art Education in order to create job opportunities for low-income Families. Supported especially were women and young people who are the breadwinners for their Families. Therefore, the Rug “WaLa” was created as a double award. On the other hand, the Price was a great opportunity to support a small number of women and youth in the Family, especially in a Society where there is little openness to women and youth. Secondly, it was welcomed by Management Team and the Filmmakers as a new idea for the award.

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